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Dried seed pods. This poppy grows up to 4 feet, and produces large flowers that span up to 5 inches across. Blooms are typically double and petals may be fringed. This species has flowers in several colors, including purple and deep plum. These poppy pods come from plants grown in USA.

The poppy is an annual plant. Seed must be planted with each new season. From a small seed, the plant grows, flowers & bears fruit only once. The entire growth cycle for most varieties of this plant takes about 120 days. Tiny seeds germinate quickly with sufficient soil moisture. As the young plant emerges, it grows a set of four leaves & resembles a small cabbage. The lobed, dentate (jagged-edged) leaves are a glaucous green with a dull gray or blue tint. As the plant matures, it flowers and a forms a bud.  When the bud opens beautiful petals fall away. Stigmas are visible on top of the capsule. The number of stigmas correspond to the number of fused carpels. The ovary later develops into a dehiscing capsule and the dried stigmas become a crown. The pod matures and eventually dries on the stem (if left un-harvested) with numerous tiny seeds inside the dried pod. Once dried, the poppy pod resembles and sounds like a baby rattle when shaken as the tiny seeds bounce around inside the dry pod.